a unique shopping destination with French heritage.






Russell…the Culinary director

Best known for… being in the top 10 ‘Power 50 Chefs’ in Caterer Middle East for the past 5 years

Enjoys… Food trends, creativity, designing new dishes, food photography & inspiring his team of chefs

When he’s not at work… family, family, family, football & a cold glass of hops

Claim to fame…Can fit 37 cheese balls in his mouth at one time

Hellen … The Events Manager

Best known for… being an organizational freak and hoarding event props

Enjoys… learning & working; working & learning with a happy team from all around the World

When she’s not at work… she’s shopping for shoes, buying shoes and trying to sneak shoes into her apartment

Claim to fame… Danced with Oasis on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Shaunne …the Events Head Chef

Best known for… being an innovative Chef with a culinary philosophy that boils down to one thing “Creation”

Enjoys… Creating a master piece

When he’s not at work… Shaunne enjoys his down time spending it with family and friends or just taking it easy at home.

Claim to fame…. Being the youngest member of the Chain des rotisserie